It's a bloodlust

I’m sort of back, guys!
It has been a whiiiiiile. I’ve just had college and stuff to deal with; I apologise for not posting regularly but I’ll try to do that now. I have retained some Anne Rice activity though, I wrote a paper on her & TVC for my language course and it was so much fun.
I’ve leaned away from her books, though, I just haven’t had the time.
I need to reenter the Savage Garden at some point though!
Hope you all are well ♥!

Anne Rice confirms Louis and Lestat are a gay couple



I mean… c’mon, even in the movie…. I just… how dense can you be to read it and NOT get that? I was 12. I didn’t even know gay people existed really and I knew they were a THING. 

You know what? I need a Tony Stark-sized drink. 

*walks off muttering* 

Hong Kong was absolutely beautiful, just sorting out my new Buddhist books and looking at all of the pictures of the fishing village and the offering statues and imriweuren so many things! I had a fantastic time! I miss it a lot.

Hey guys! I’m really sorry for the lack of activity of this blog; I’ve actually been way too busy to update even my personal one. But I just wanted to say I’m going away to Hong Kong in a couple of days so I won’t be here for the next week. I’m very excited to see all the beautiful monasteries!

Goodbye, I hope you’re all well!